Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's time!

It's time to get started.    Commercial endeavors have proven themselves capable of making spaceworthy vehicles.    Mankind should have started building permanent spacecraft for exploration in the '70s.   It's never too late to start, until we ruin our civilization and send ourselves back to the stoneage.    I believe that has happened more than once.    Anyway, enough of my speculations on ancient civilizations.    The point that I want to make in this blog is that I want to challenge everyone that reads these musings to start forming and implementing plans to build and fly a "Star Trek: Enterprise" type spacecraft (I know that we are not technologically advanced enough for star travel) to explore our Solar System.    A craft that could be called on to explore the inner planets and even go as far as Jupiter's moons.    It is within our grasp with current technology and certainly obtainable economically.     Even if all we do is collect $5 per month per person that follows this blog.    We could show the resolution that mankind has to expand our horizons and explore space.    I'm not advocating that anyone send me anything.   I am hoping that someone will want to organize a non-profit group to make this happen.    I read the hoax that someone at Google put up today about "Virgle".    Well, it doesn't have to be an April Fools Joke.   This can be real in our lifetimes.    We don't need to wait for any government or group of governments to get together to do this.   If we do, it will never get done.    I don't see any heads of state with the determination that JFK showed in the '60s.     Help me now!   Post it here and promote this blog and it will happen.   Thanks for your attention.     MK.


  1. You got me Mike... lead the way!


  2. Thanks Doug. Good to see you are with me on this. I'm hoping to get more people to follow it. I'll try to post every week or so. If you have some insight, I'll put it up here. See ya next month.

  3. Over the next few months, I am going to explain how a ship to explore the Solar System might be built. This ship will use off the shelf technology that if not tested and in use, at least will use common sense technology that could easily be used. For instance, artificial gravity using centrifugal force so that a five year mission will not cause bone and muscle deterioration. It also would not need much power to keep it in use. Ion engines and Thorium nuclear power/water for safe propulsion. Fiber optic gigabit ethernet and wifi for data/control paths and portable communications in and near the ship. Handheld tablet computers for command and control functions. I could go on, but you get the idea. I'm hoping that others will submit their ideas to help fill out all the technology needed to make this work. Who knows, maybe we can get someone important to take this seriously. ;-)